The Vogue Word was founded in 2013 by Vanessa Ciliberto with the aim to create a private space, where she can share her passion for fashion and lifestyle with the world. Referring „Le Guide Noir“ TVW counts as one of the most important blogs in Switzerland and Vanessa is placed under the 2000 most important influencers in the world. While the main topic of the blog is fashion, it is constantly enriched with different topics from the beauty and lifestyle section.

Vanessa is an Italian girl living in the heart of Zurich in Switzerland. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, major in marketing and minor in budgetary accounting, in 2014. After working as Brand Communications Manager for L‘Oréal Luxe Switzerland she is currently employed as a Junior Consultant by one of Zurich‘s leading communication agencies. Due to her experience as a blogger/influencer and as a PR manager she knows exactly what‘s required to establish successful collaborations.